Saturday, May 21, 2011

red roses for bridesmaids

Hello Ladies of Shanna! 

By now you are well into celebrating Shanna & Ryan's wedding.  Shanna, I just know it will be lovely & so elegant - from what I've heard & seen, you've really put an amazing amount of effort into planning the perfect, swoon-worthy day.  I can't wait to see photos of all your hard work.  :) 

And Bridesmaids, cheers to you for all you do!  I'm thrilled to have been a part of helping to make this day great for Shanna.  I really hope you love your flowers - it was a pleasure working on them.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Cheers to Shanna & Ryan, and all of Shanna's lovely ladies!


 layers & layers of shantung, taffeta, & organza in lovely shades of apple red & spice

each petal is hand-cut, hand-shaped, & carefully hand-sewn into a blooming garden rose.  embellishments are individually hand-stitched and include Swarovski pearls, crystals, and vintage finds.  the finished rose is hand-stitched to a metal clip & pin backing for infinite adornment possibilities

black Swarovski pearls & crystals, smokey mercury glass beads, & vintage pearls hand-wrapped in lace

with a dual clip & pin backing, this piece can be worn as a hair clip or a sweater pin, (the possibilities are literally endless - check out the "put a flower on it" posts and add your ideas, too!)

this vintage-styled bloom would be perfect paired with modern warm greys & denim - or clip it to a linen tote = perfect!

Shanna's bridesmaid flowers are about 4" to 5" in diameter with petals stacked about 2" high - her lovely ladies will be pinning them to the sashes of their vintage-styled black lace cocktail dresses

and doesn't this dress have the most perfect vintage feel?  a sweet match for a lush, heirloom garden bloom ;)

Cheers to bridesmaids Amy, Brittany, Jessica, Lindsay, & Jordan!!

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  1. Anna took it upon herself to go above and beyond what we had imagined for the perfect little adornment to our bridesmaids dresses for Shanna's classic, vintage themed wedding. I knew that asking her to create something special and unique for the bridesmaids was the perfect thing to do- but she still found a way to blow my expectations out of the water. The handcrafted look and feel of the flowers added an element of sophistication and warmth to our getups that only Anna could provide! Thank you so much, Anna, for completing our outfits with your lovely, unique flowers! I 110% recommend Fox & The Feather to anyone looking for something fabulous!


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